Painite Token

Painite (PAIN) Token can be used as a global payment method, a HODL investment or as an incentive token. Painite which was issued on the trusted and verifiable Stellar Network, has 350,000,000 Million Token Total that will be available for use. Painite will have monthly bounties and airdrops to help increase our community and usage, and we anticipate fast adoption. Painite is already working to establish a number of partnerships in both the public and private sector, and we welcome all who would enjoy growing with us.

Trading/Exchanging Painite Token

StellarSwap is a flexible and secure tunnel to the Stellar network. You can view your wallet, send payments, receive payments and trade.

Interstellar is a Multi-Awesome* Wallet and Decentralized Exchange.

Stellarport is a web based portal to the stellar network. Use stellarport for realtime trading, account monitoring and payments along with advanced features like hardware wallet support and more.



ROADMAP: Coming soon.

Please note that this is the only and the official issuer account for PAIN: GCXZYN3HGZPEZ7W2WG2MZEGCSL3S5UTSEFYT7JVPVMCUWXGZ4NRDIUCO